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Originally Posted by licksandteeches View Post
i definatley agree with you they have 40 songs to play from and they're in the shape i've ever seen them(shannon had to have lost like 20 pounds) they should be able to play for at least an hour and twenty if not more. sorry but i could pass on death panorama, I Will Return, A Selection Unnatural, Denounced Disgraced, and Throne of Lunacy-all of those songs are better than 75% of other BDM songs, they need to be played on this tour.

on a side note-how about them avs? I'm a pens fan and i have to admit you guys are kicking some major ass in the western conference. dethrone detroit!
I couldn't agree with you more. I feel the same in the sense that they're holding out some of the best songs on Nocturnal: Of Darkness Spawned, To A Breathless Oblivion, Warborn. I would be ecstatic if they threw in one of those, or decided to play one of the superior songs on Deflorate like I Will Return or Denounced Disgrace. The one thing I think they're doing right is picking all of the strongest songs on Miasma though. Also, I'm glad they're playing Closed Casket Requiem this tour, that's one of my favorites on Unhollowed.

And, the Avs are doing extremley well, it's so refreshing to see especially after they fell apart the second half of last season. The reason behind all the success is Anderson. They haven't had a solid goalie in a while now, and it's really helping them out. Also it helps that guys like Hejduk and Wolski are finally putting up numbers they're capable of. Being that you're a Pens fan, congrats on the cup last year, I've rooted for you guys in the finals for the past 2 years and was really happy to see them win it, especially against the team I hate more than anything
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