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Originally Posted by Statutory-Mike View Post
I wish Black Dahlia would play longer than 60 minutes. The setlists alright for the amount of tim they've got, I kind of wish they'd switch Worship for Climatic Degredation, or if they wanted to play something more of Deflorate, Death Panorama.
i definatley agree with you they have 40 songs to play from and they're in the shape i've ever seen them(shannon had to have lost like 20 pounds) they should be able to play for at least an hour and twenty if not more. sorry but i could pass on death panorama, I Will Return, A Selection Unnatural, Denounced Disgraced, and Throne of Lunacy-all of those songs are better than 75% of other BDM songs, they need to be played on this tour.

on a side note-how about them avs? I'm a pens fan and i have to admit you guys are kicking some major ass in the western conference. dethrone detroit!
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