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Originally Posted by Fires Of Sedition View Post
I can't listen to anything with too much clean vocals, I don't know why, it just turns me away. And I loved Slipknot before Vol. 3 and Corey changing his vocals ruined Slipknot for me.
That's cool but Corey changing his voice was inevitable. There's was no way he's was gonna be able to keep screaming like he did on Slipknot's self titled and Iowa. He was bound to loose his scream at some point maybe he lost it too soon but the way he screams on the first two Slipknot albums i've never heard anything like that from any vocalist before. Have you ever tried to sing along with anything from Slipknot's first two and try to scream like him? I have a needles to say it's a very hard thing to do at least for me it was. So I understand why the vocals changed so much for him. I also understand why a lot of fans maybe upset with the change since his screaming voice was so great at one time.
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