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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
They usually do those two but they were replaced by My Apocalypse and Judas Kiss in this set i'm guessing it's because they did Cyanide and Nightmare the first night in Toronto.

Solid set and i know i've brought this up on other Metallica threads but i just don't get why Holier Than Thou has been showing up so regular on this tour when it was never hardly played when they toured for The Black Album. It's just a so-so song and there's is so much better they can choose from. If it was part of the encore here and there I probably wouldn't mind it so much but the fourth spot in their set is always a heavier tune that gets you pumped up and HTT just doesn't fit that role for me.
Meh, the first night got The Memory Remains in the 4th spot on the set. I'd much rather hear Holier than thou.
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