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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
The guys do a lot of crowd interaction between songs, plus Gene's/Tommy's/Eric's solos take up a decent chunk of time. When I saw them they played just about two hours, which I think is the most you can ask of them as hardly anyone else plays that long anymore.

About Say Yeah being in the set, it's a good song and it's cool that they pimp more than just MDD from Sonic Boom but I was ok with just the set of classics + MDD that I saw.
How were the lead vocals in your opinon?I am going to the Anaheim show and I haven't seen them since 96 on the reunion tour.I was a little disappointed in the vocals the last time,Gene and Paul didn't sound good at all.I understand many years of singing takes it toll,but just wondering.Also,sometimes the vocals get buried by everything else.
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