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Setlist for both bands looks good, though Unforgiven was played before Judas Kiss FYI. Still though, I thought it was a good set. We didnt' get Fade to Black but we got Blackened which the Monday show didn't

As far as the sound quality, I didn't think it was bad. The first couple of songs for Metallica it sounded like the drums were taking over everything, but from For Whom the Bell Tolls onwards it was pretty good and I could hear everything pretty well. Either that or I just didn't care cuz I was seeing Metallica for the first time.

I was so pumped when Lamb of God came on, and in my section, or at least the row I was in and the rows in front of me and behind me didn't give a shit. Some old bitch told me to sit down because she couldn't see, yet looked bored during LoG's set anyways, so i'm like "Fuck this, i'm still headbanging and singing along", and my neck was Gone by the end of their set, and then I realized I still had 2 hours of Metallica to look forward to

Either way awesome show, and maybe the best concert i've ever been to.

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