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Originally Posted by Skinny Juice View Post
A band where encores are actually rare, they played Casper WY on October 20th and didn't bless us with an encore. Pretty sure they played the same set except for the encore.

I enjoyed the show, especially since 4 friends and I got in for free. Glen and his son came into the Pizza Hut I work at the night before the gig and I paid for his dinner. I didn't go out and talk to him, ironically my girlfriend (who doesn't like metal) was his server talked to him more then I did. He got the 5 of us in for free and gave me a couple shirts. Very cool of him, he signed his dinner ticket and gave it to me. Neat story, killer show
dude that wouldve been amazing!!!!!!!!! they were pretty badass live when i saw them in illinois on 10-23. glen brought his son on stage and was like this guy is gonna be a shredder soon
10-1 Korn
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