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Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
No Hit The Lights, so its a bad setlist.

They never play it though...
It's been played on and off this tour and it's always one of the encore songs. Seems a bit strange to me that with all the great songs they did on the first four albums you would judge the worth of their set based on HTL one song certainly doesn't make the whole set. While it's a good song until recently I don't think it's been played with any regularity since maybe back when they toured for RTL. Creeping Death is my favorite song from them but i won't say this set is bad just because it isn't in there. I think they do put together some solid sets for the most part with a few bad ones every now and then but that's gonna happen when you switch songs up every night.

If you wanna see the history of the current tour you can check the archieves on this page just so you can see how often HTL pops up in the set in case you're wondering at all. They've been touring for a year now so it'll take you a little bit to check through all of them though.
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