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-The crowd SUCKED. The guy mentioned above didn't stand up or take his eyes away from his phone once (not even when stuff exploded, wtf?). Over half of the people in our section just sat in their seats the whole time. There was an old lady there (she looked at least 70) and she was rocking harder than anyone in the row in front of us.
See, that's the crappy part with big shows like this. I went to Metallica and I felt the same, sure the crowd were really into Metallica, but it was clear they weren't Metal fans. There was so many random people, it looked like a normal, casual show for the whole family.

I prefer paying 30$ to see Ensiferum with an ace crowd than paying 110$ to see Met with a crappy crowd, that's what I learnt.

End of the Cool Story Bro :P
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