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Originally Posted by x-voltage View Post
I think Get Inside is a perfect opener. Fast riff to start and it kicks into the great main riff. That song would really get the crowd going with mosh pits. 1st person is one of my favorite songs. That AMAZING riff in the middle/end of the song, is one of the heaviest riffs ever. I just think that would be a cool encore. Realistically their encore would probably be 30 30/150.
When I saw them in '06 30/30-150 was the opener and that really is the perfect opener for them the song just kicks major ass live. That song got the crowd going very well and got a way better reaction that Get Inside did. Get Inside was the closer for the show and it fit very well there. I don't remember the mosh pits being to intense during the show. The crowd was into it and sang along with everything at least. I hope Slipknot ends now and Corey goes to Stone Sour full time since I like them more anyways.
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