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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
good review SerpentineVIVIVI , I guess the album is already out in the states, up here we'll have to wait another week.

For my part, I absolutely love the 3 tracks that are already out, title track is very original for Slayer and super good, Hate Worldwide is amazing so is Psychopathy Red. I have great expectation for this release and can't wait to finally have it

for me Slayer is by far the best band out of the big four but that's not really the point here and frankly each to is own taste, and everyone who says that God Hates Us All is a weak album I really don't understand, it's as good if not better than anything\everything they have ever done.

Cheers !
Thanks man, glad you liked it. I also loved the three tracks, but it's just the rest of the tracks are sort of lacking some punch, I really don't know how to pin it down to words. The only track in my opinion that TRULY competes/overplays the other three is "Public Display of Dismemberment" and "Unit 731". It's by no means a bad album, just I was expecting more from the almighty Slayer.

Oh, and P.S., it's not out in the states yet

To jhdeity: Pretty much read the above, haha. I expected a lot as well, just didn't hit the platinum, It hit silver/gold though.
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