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Slayer - World Painted Blood

I'm gonna start by saying I don't care what anyone says about Slayer, I don't think they've ever released a bad album and they certainly continue this streak for me. I'm not about to get into a "Slayer ideological" argument, cause I know practically everyone's position on it and I really don't care to be frank. I realize I'm about one of the only people on this site who cares for them anymore, and that's just OK .

Moving on, "Psychopathy Red" blew me away, I thought that was great, nothing more be said. "Hate Worldwide" was a wee bit disappointing, but still good. When the title track came out, I was thoroughly impressed, I thought it was the best track since and it had such an awesome progression that was very different from what Slayer usually do, so I got very excited. Then the 30 second samples were released, and the only one that sounded eh to me was Human Strain, everything else sounded kickass (granted the fail Americon lyrics, but who listens to Slayer primarily for their lyrics anyway?). The production/mixing of the album was concerning me a little bit too, but it's not like it was St. Anger, so I pretty much had high hopes for the album, and now it's time for the verdict: This album is pretty damned good, but left me wanting a little bit more.

Opening with the title track, I already shared my opinion there, and I say that it is an awesome track with a lot of variety from the "typical Slayer song". The groove in the middle is sick, and the headbanging part that comes after is just a POW in your face. The solo is awful though, so much pointless wankery, but that's a small nuance that doesn't really affect the big picture for me. Awesome track though, one of the best on the record IMO. "Unit 731" is a great fast track, typical Slayer in-your-face kind of shit. Great vocals, great riffage, great song. "Snuff" is a fast song as well, not really that out there and catchy as I'd want it to be, but I must say the chorus is pretty awesome. Just for the sake of being a tough critic, it's not a standout but it's a good, expected song from Slayer.

"Beauty Through Order" is a very eh track for me, takes a LONG time to get "into it", and even then it is not that good to me. Lost interest about halfway to me, and the riff after it gets "in it" is a total "Read Between The Lies" ripoff . Overall, eh. "Hate Worldwide" to me was borderline good-great, it's definitely solid for me, especially the mid-section onwards. Not much else to say there. "Public Display Of Dismemberment" starts out with a cool harmony riffage, not Slayer like that much, and it proceeds into some traditional kickass Slayer riffage. I think one of the things that makes this song is the change of momentum; it's perfect when they slow down then speed up again, it's done so many times in the span of one minute it's sick. Definitely a standout track, I could definitely see it on "Reign In Blood" if times were right . "Human Strain" was not on my highest hopes list, because as I said before it sounded very eh, and it certainly starts eh to me. The dissinence doesn't work on that song, and it sounds pretty stale to me. Although, I must say the mid-section of the song thoroughly impressed me. It sounded EXACTLY like something that would be on Seasons, and this track left a HUGE question mark in my head as to why the whole song wasn't like that, cause IMO the song blows except for that part.

"Americon" is an awesome track, really catchy chorus, and the lyrics flow really well to their delivery, definitely one of my favorite tracks. "Psychopathy Red" is fucking awesome. End of story. "Playing With Dolls" starts out kind of funny, but I kept an open mind. Interestingly slow, to some degree it turned me off and to some degree it kept me interested (paradox much? O_o). It's an awesome track, actually a standout....go figure . Final track, "Not Of This God" is a fine track, does its job I guess. It's not great, it's not bad, it's allright. Overall, to end the album review, I really think that the album is solid and all, but some parts of songs just really get me down because they're really stale. I was hoping for a BAM in-your-face shit, but it was like a 5% weaker version of Christ Illusion. Say what you will, I liked Christ Illusion a lot, but WPB was a step down a bit for me. Some killer tracks, some eh tracks. That's about all as much as I can say for that, so give it a listen for yourself, make an opinion, I've stated mine. Roddy out

Edit: Standout tracks are the title track, Unit 731, Psychopathy Red, Playing With Dolls, and Public Display of Dismemberment IMO. This probably won't be making top 5 material for me unfortunately, and if the tide REALLY turns bad for them, not even top 10

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