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I just looked up Corey's solo album, and he said it's gonna be a blend of Social Distortion, Johnny Cash, and Foo Fighters. I don't like that combination at all. He also said it's gonna have some country roots in it. I don't like where that is headed.

I also read that Corey prefers singing for Stone Sour because he loves to sing compared to screaming. It's not like he hates screaming, it's just that he likes singing better.
I do agree that Five Finger Death Punch shouldn't be headlining over Shadows Fall. I absolutely love the two bands and they are both in my top 6 or 7, but Shadows Fall has been around longer, is more reputable, and has more album sales. I like the idea of a co-headlining show, where they can switch off who plays last every night.
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