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Originally Posted by x-voltage View Post
Sanitarium, I am a huge Shadows Fall fan and I know Of One Blood and The Art Of Balance really well. I just don't think they are as epic as War Within and Retribution. Was it cool seeing them with less thn 100 people in the audience? I think that would be weird. How was Stone Sour. That is another band I would love to see. After Slipknot is done touring for All Hope is Gone, Stone Sour better release another album because their two albums are absolutley amazing. Every song from them is five stars on my ipod. I actually did here Cory and Jim were writing new stuff for Stone Sour duringn the last Slipknot tour.
It was deffinately a little weird seeing them with so few people there but it was also very cool in a way because you felt like you were getting a very special and intimate performance and maybe that's why the band booked this little mini tour so little in advance maybe they wanted that intimate experience but I can't be sure.

Stone Sour was very good when I saw them and so was Lacuna Coil Cristina Scabbia is so fuckin hot and has an amazing ammount of energy ever time she's on stage. I heard about Corey Taylor's solo album a few months ago i'm not sure when it'll be complete though or if it's gonna be that good I heard something about it being very experimental. I like Slipknot a lot but I like Stone Sour better. Slipknot can be a little chaotic musically, vocally and image wise but Stone Sour is straight up no bull shit hard rock and Corey is able to show off his great singing voice more with them. That's mainly why I like them better.

Too bad they weren't coming out with new stuff right now as i'd love to see them and Shadows Fall tour again. Instead SF has to play second fiddle to a band that is way beneath them musically in 5FDP right now I actually like 5 Finger but there's just no way they should be headlining over SF it could at least have been a co-headling tour. I know SF has been around longer and 5 Finger is more popular right now but if you add up career totals on album sales SF has got them beat.
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