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Originally Posted by x-voltage View Post
Sanitarium, I am a huge Shadows Fall fan and I know Of One Blood and The Art Of Balance really well. I just don't think they are as epic as War Within and Retribution. Was it cool seeing them with less thn 100 people in the audience? I think that would be weird. How was Stone Sour. That is another band I would love to see. After Slipknot is done touring for All Hope is Gone, Stone Sour better release another album because their two albums are absolutley amazing. Every song from them is five stars on my ipod. I actually did here Cory and Jim were writing new stuff for Stone Sour duringn the last Slipknot tour.
Corey has said he will do Stone Sour again, its just that, both Stone Sour and Slipknot are HUGE, so while he's doing one, he cant do the other. He basically has to do Slipknot til its done, in like another another and a half, then do Stone Sour. Hes planning a solo album too. He's gonna be a busy bunny
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