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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Intro: Path To Imminent Ruin
My Demise
Still I Rise
Enlightened By The Cold
Storm Winds
Idle Hands
Crushing Belial
Taste Of Fear
A Public Execution
Of One Blood
Failure Of The Devout
Thoughts Without Words
The Power Of I and I
Embrace Annihilation
Stepping Outside The Circle
Final Call
The Art Of Balance
Dead And Gone
Picture Perfect
Destroyer Of Senses
To Ashes
King Of Nothing
Root Bound Apollo
Inspiration On Demand

The Light That Blinds
What Drives The Weak
A Fire In Babylon

Yes I know it's very long and very unlikely they would ever do anything close to this live but since I like everything they've released so far it's the bands own fault for it being so long
Mine would be similar with In Effigy throw in. They NEED to bring Crushing Belial back!
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