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Eternity Is Within is a good song but far from their best if you ask me. I've seen them live twice. Once with Lacuna Coil and Stone Sour and then like a year later on their own. Unfortunately for the show they played on their own they had booked a small tour just a couple weeks in advance and they booked a venue here in Buffalo that was in a part of the city not too many people venture to anymore and it was also a venue that was rapidly loosing popularity. The venue never promoted the show and less than a hundred people showed. It's not really the bands fault because I feel they were a victum of bad marketing and booking on that. They still played well and did a full headline set despite the lack of people there. Brian's dreads are looooong as hell I wouldn't be surprised if he accidently steps on them from time to time

If you don't think that Of One Blood and The Art Of Balance are as epic as The War Within and the new one then I suggest you listen to them again.
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