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Good point about putting on a band before slayer. I think the fans would have been chanting Slayer the whole time during Manson's set if he played before them. I think if they got a good metal band to open for Slayer, it would have been fine, like Lamb of God, Rob Zombie, or Fear Factory. I have a story that relates to this. I saw the Slipknot, Trivium, and Coheed and Cambria show in January. The order they played in was Trivium, then Coheed, then Slipknot closed. First off, what the fuck is Coheed doing in a tour with those two metal monsters. Trivium was amazing and the crowd loved them, probably the last time they'll ever open. Then it was Coheed. OH MY GOD, they blew dick. Everyone was so amped up from Trivium and was absolutely stoked for Slipknot that they booed the whole time for Coheed, flicked them off, or (at least a third of the crowd) turned their backs during the entire set. I hate Coheed, but I kind of felt bad for them, since they obviously didn't belong with Slipknot and Trivium. Then Slipknot kicked ass.
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