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I don't mind Kick The Chair at all. It's one of the modern day songs that sounds like older Megadeth that's probably why he plays it. It's a short song that rocks so there's no real issue with me when they do it. I'm still surprised that they're not opening the shows with Dialectic Chaos/This Day We Fight. I thought for sure that's how Dave was gonna open the shows this tour but you can't really argue with Set The World Afire as the opener since it's just awesome in that spot and one of their best songs ever. Dave can get rid of Wake Up Dead anytime he wants now as far as i'm conserned. It's an OK song but I just never understood why it's been a set stable for the most part since Peace Sells was realeased.

I'm still thinking Endgame and 44 minutes will find their way into a regular spot on the tour. Is 44 mins gonna be a single it deffinately has the sound to be one

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