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Soulfly -- Towson, MD -- October 20th, 2009

What an ecclectic bill and crowd. I despise all the sub-genre's of metal but this show covered at least half of them. In all my years going to concerts I've never seen 16 year old black girls moshing next to 55 year old white men so I knew it was going to be an interesting night.

Mutiny Within opened the show and if Steve Perry and Yngwie had a band it would be them. It was like a DJ had Stone in Love on 1 turntable and Bleeding Through on the other and was mixing the 2. If they sold 1 cd at that show I'd be shocked. The keyboard player had his keyboard turned to the crowd and was a total assclown. The "key" breakdowns were agonizing to my ears and ruined any positive moments the band had. They sucked.

Cattle Decapitation was flat out hilarious. Seriously every other word was EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE We threw up the "Shocker E" every time he sang EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and it made the 30 minutes so much more tolerable. One of the 5 worst bands I've ever been subjected to. The guitarist was entertaining to watch but the vocals were the worst ever. These guys are humor metal to me. Seriously if you're driving around listening to them in your car going EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you must have been tied up and pissed on in gym class or something. The best thing about this joke of a band was their merch. They had the idiotic bug splatter band logo of course but the Octomom shirt with 8 kids sucking on her "tentacle tits" was hilarious. The back read in huge letters STOP HER BEFORE SHE SHITS AGAIN!!! Word.

Prong were next and they had a decent following there. I'm a big fan of their 1st 3 cd's but that's about it. Their new stuff is all the same tempo and repetative as hell. The dude from Crowbar is playing bass for them now and he was beastly. They dropped the 2nd guitarist from the last time I saw them and technically they were perfect. If they let me pick the setlist they would have been great I think. Where's Irrelevant Thoughts, Lost & Found, Freezer Burn, Senseless Abuse, Prime Cut & Territorial Rites? What could have been...


For Dear Life
Beg To Differ
Rude Awakening
3rd Option
The Banishment
Looking for Them
Whose Fist is this Anyway
Snap your Fingers, Snap your Neck
Power of the Damager

Next up were Soulfly and actually the crowd had kinda thinned out. Maybe people were smoking or came there for Prong, I don't know. We got up the the 2nd row in front of Mark Rizzo and got ready for the mayhem. Right then my girl Sue called and wanted me to sneak her in. Since there were zero hot chicks there I told her to just walk in and own it. She said the guy would recognize her and she was scared. I had to leave my post, grab her walk her right in and by that time Soulfly started and it was a vicious circle pit between me and my post. Errrrrrrrr. I stared at her tits and it made me feel better plus we had a nice spot right behind the pit so it wasn't hateful.

Let me tell you Soulfly killed it. This was my 1st time seeing Max headline since I saw Sadus, Obituary & Sepultura way back in the day. One of my favorite concert experiences of all time. Max was on fire. Mark Rizzo is doing spinning kicks and shredding every note. As a unit, these guys are top notch. Bobby Burns from Primer 55 is rocking bass for them now and the drummer Joe Nunez is a beast in his own right. How these guys aren't selling out larger venues is shocking to me. The new stuff was fast and brutal and the old stuff sounded heavier than ever. I highly recommend seeing them.


Blood Fire War Hate
Back to the Primitive
Seek n Strike
Refuse Resist
Drum War
Arise/Dead Embryonic Cells medley
Roots Bloody Roots
Eye For An Eye
3/3 - Hell Yeah
3/31 - Coal Chamber & Filter
5/16 - Clutch & Mastodon

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