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I was there, bought tickets 45 days in advance, paid $85 odd for dead last row in the house. Another friend bought tickets 2 days before the show and got row 4 for the same price. Sneaked up to row 4 for the whole of Metallica.

Another friend paid $80 bucks for last section too. He missed lamb of god altogether to *cough* $20 way his through to the General Admission Floor.

Gojira and Lamb of God were inaudible at the last row, all I heard was boomy bass (that too at a low volume) and bass drums. Guitars were non-existent. I wasn't staying there for Metallica. 4th row was pure unadulterated brutal. Too bad they played so many songs from Death Magnetic.. I can't imagine what the show would have been if the complete setlist was classic Metallica. James (unexpectedly for me) did not lose his voice and was tight as hell. Good show.

If you do go to Time Warner Cable Arena, do yourself a favor and DONT stay at the end, go up front. Or watch through the balcony at least where they serve drinks on level 2 or something.

BTW, I was in a WARBRINGER (waking into nightmares) t-shirt, if anyone saw me - Yeahaaa!
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