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I just got home and was gonna post the set list, and you beat me to it. I see you either didn't stay for Converge or left early (or live really close to Cleveland Heights).

Either way, it was a great night. I got video of the entire set, and a videographer dude from Pittsburgh approached me between sets and asked if we could trade footage, since he had asked about taping before the show and was told by HoF's manager that they didn't want anybody taping. Oops.

Normally I ask, like I did a few weeks ago with Burst, but tonight I arrived at the end of Keelhaul's set because I had to play Mr. Mom at home before coming to the show. I didn't have time to ask anybody (although I did run into Matt Pike in the bathroom before the show again - same thing happened to me back in 2007!). Anyway, he seemed to be in a hurry, so I didn't want to bug him about taping at the time.

The video dude asked me to get footage of Converge as well - who he said was OK with taping - and he said he wants to swap footage for that set, too. Between the two of us, we might just have gotten some really good stuff. Anyway, it seems like I'm starting to become an amateur metal videographer or something. I told my wife this story, and she called me a nerd. So I pimp-slapped her. Just kidding. I am a nerd, I guess.

When I get a chance to look at the Converge video, I will post their set as well - I know a few folks on here have been asking about it. Incidentally, I think it's pretty close to what Mankvill had posted earlier.

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