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Tesla -- Souix Falls, SD -- October 18th, 2009

Source: Tesla Forum

This was the opening night of the fall tour, which I think is the second full US leg of the "Forevermore" tour.

01.Forever More
02.I Wanna Live
03.Modern Day Cowboy
04.Gettin' Better
05.Call It What You Want
06.Into The Now
07.Breakin' Free
08.Hang Tough
09.Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
11.Shine Away
12.Edison's Medicine
13.Love Song
15.Lil Suzie
16.Comin Atcha Live
17.Rock Me To The Top

As always, I'm looking forward to seeing them yet again (#7) in about 2 weeks. A few songs here I've never seen (Rock Me to the Top, Shine Away, Time, Call It What You Want), a few I haven't seen in a while (Edison's Medicine, Gettin' Better), one I've only seen once despite it being a favorite (Hang Tough), and the general assortment of the 10 or so "classics" they always do. Can't complain.
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