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Originally Posted by JoshuaB81285 View Post
Bad ass Devildriver set...I wish they'd come back to the states and do their OWN headlining tour, not that Thrash and Burn crap from earlier this year.
I agree. I saw them for the third time back in April, headlining for bands I never heard of that suck (I don't even remember they're names except one was Dirtfedd or something like that). The opening band was extremely fucking gay (literally). The only metal looking one in the group was the long haired, bearded, camo shorted guitarist, but he sucked. The rest were wearing hemp sandles and those girl pants that don't go all the way down the leg, I forget what they're called. In the middle of the set the bassist dropped his pick and spent the rest of a song trying to play with his fingers while looking for the pick. After the song he shook his hand and was saying OW! What a pussy. But when DevilDriver came on it was the best performance by them I've seen, for a crowd of MAYBE 50. There was no rail so I was right on the stage, Dez stepped on my fingers multiple times, held the microphone to my mouth and let me sing End Of The Line with him. John Boecklin dropped a drum stick and Jon Miller kicked it to me. After their set they came back on stage to play an encore (I Dreamed I Died) and I got a bass pick from Jon and another drumstick from John. Met the band, got pictures and autographs. Very fun fucking show.
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