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Cool review. I haven't bought a Rammstein cd since Mutter but this one piqued my interest. I think a lot of people are missing the point with Pussy. I've had 5 people who don't even listen to Rammstein send me that video. Obviously they have their allegiance of fans but here in the states do they ever sell out clubs? I've seen them twice and last time the entire upstairs of the place wasn't even open.

Whether you like the song and/or video or not it was brilliant on their part to try to bring back people who only know Du Hast or have never heard them to their shows. I personally think the world needed something like that to talk about and the song is funny as hell to me. Everytime he says Dicccaaaaah I crack up plus the video has a money shot for Christ's sake.

I still think Prodigy - Smack my bitch up is the best video ever made and I'm thinking they were trying to tap into other markets with that song and video and it worked well. We'll see when they come around if I was right. If nothing else there should be more hot chicks at the show... WIN!
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