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Burst -- October 8th, 2009 -- Detroit, MI

Venue: Blondies
Source: Me

I drove from Cleveland to Detroit just to see these guys - it was their one and only U.S. tour, and the band is going on "indefinite hiatus" after it ends (which was the night after this show).

Before the show, I chatted up the bartender and a couple of the security staff - turns out this venue (which is really just a bar with a stage) has been around for a long time (although it has changed addresses a time or two), and a ton of awesome acts have come through there. There were signed photos from bands all over the place - including names like Voivod, Deicide, Exodus, etc. - so there was a sense of nostalgia about the place. Very cool.

I also had a chance to meet Linus from Burst at the merch table before the show started. I told him how far I'd come to see them, and he laughed and said that he would never do that, but he really appreciated it. I laughed too and said that they didn't give me much of a choice, since I had to see them live once before they fucking broke up, and this was my only shot. We talked about Lazarus Bird (a masterpiece, by the way - you need to own that album), other bands that Burst has toured with, music Linus and the other guys like, etc. Linus was really down to earth and personable, and seemed to enjoy talking with me about haevy music in general, and whatever else. P.S. - we both love Made Out of Babies - nice!

The first band to take the stage was a local act whose name I don't remember. They basically sucked, but I couldn't be too hard on them since they were, among other things, a father-son act (son played drums, Dad did vocals) who tried real hard. The crowd (about thirty to forty) gave them some love for the effort.

The next act was another local unit called Ganon. They blew me away. I had never heard of them before, but they had a very rich post-metal-ish sound similar to Mouth of the Architect or Cult of Luna (the latter of which was agreed to by Linus, who mentioned that Burst had played numerous gigs with CoL in the past). Ganon have two albums out, and I bought them both for five bucks each. Great stuff.

Then came Zoroaster. I had meant to listen to these guys multiple times, and they kept falling through the cracks for me. Basically, they are a three-man psychedelic doom / sludge / drone act from Atlanta. They were really good. They were quite slow in places, like most drone acts are, but when they got going it was really heavy and fast, with a ton of distortion, and it sounded really good. The drummer was really intense - he pounded on his kit like he was trying to fucking break it (in fact, he broke at least one stick during their set, and had to re-adjust his toms and put his hi-hat back the way it belonged several times...). I would love to see them again.

Finally came the mighty Burst. I felt sort of bad that there were less than fifty folks in the venue for their show, but those who were there seemed to really appreciate the quality of band they were witnessing. In short, Burst was nothing short of phenomenal. This may have been a small and intimate show, but that was totally fine by me. I got the whole set in high-quality digital video (which I had OK'ed with Linus before their set), and now I have a momento of the set forever. They played a nice selection of stuff from Lazarus Bird, interspersed with favorites from Origo and Prey on Life. Every song fucking killed. These guys are so good - both live and especially on album.

Here is Burst's set:

(We Watched the) Silver Rain
Where the Wave Broke
Cripple God
We Are Dust
The Immateria
I Hold Vertigo

Thank you, Burst, for all of your wonderful art over the years. You will be missed. Special thanks to Linus for being a really cool cat and talking with me about all things heavy. Good luck on your journeys, guys - wherever they may lead ( tour stop in Cleveland at Peabody's in 2012...ahem )

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