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GWAR -- Detroit, MI -- October 17th, 2009

Last night our scumdog overlords GWAR played at the infamous Harpos venue, and as always it was a stellar and magnificent time. This was my fifth time seeing them (fourth at Harpos), and there is something about the Detroit crowd that just makes a GWAR shows magical. There was constant moshing, pushing, and killing of coarse to get sprayed with cum, piss, and blood. Everyone sings along, and the fans are just really die hard.

Before GWAR, Mobile Deathcamp took the stage. This is Todd Evan’s (Former Beefcake The Mighty from War Party and Beyond Hell era) new band, and they were killer. A great thrash band, and I hope they get bigger.

Than came the Red Chord…*cricket sounds*….

Two negative things ill say about the show is this….1. there was a lack of props and death sequences (though there was enough) compared to past tours, but it didn’t seem like they had many slaves or helpers this time….and 2. It didn’t feel like a 25th Anniversary show. And…..I got hit in the nose during the first song, so that sucked big time, and still hurts today. But….

On to everything positive. They played a lot from the new album, which I was super happy about because I love the new album. Besides staples such as Immortal Corruptor, Bring Back The Bomb, and Sick of You, the rest of the songs came as surprise (which is what I like about GWAR shows is that every tour they change the setlist up a lot). Most of the songs were extremely catchy and I found myself singing most of the song word for word. There was a lot of dead babies which I always enjoy. Because there wasn’t as much stage probs and stuff this time all the band members were at the front of the stage, which I though was really cool, and they all seemed really into it (specifically Balsac). Highlights of the show in general were Michael Jackson’s face getting ripped off by just pulling his nose, Cardinal Sin shooting confetti out of his head when stabbed, the biledriver, Beefcake singing a song that wasn’t Crush Kill Destroy, and the choice of songs (Maggots, Lust In Space, and Tormentor specifically). Sick of You is and probably always will be one of the greatest closers I’ve seen a band do live. The fans really got into it, as they were singing, chanting, moshing, jumping up and down etc. etc. I will definitely try to catch them this summer if they tour again.

1. Metal Metal Land
2. Saddam A Go-Go
3. Lords and Masters
4. The Apes of Wrath
5. Tormentor
6. Where Is Zog?
7. Womb With A View
8. Let Us Slay
9. Maggots
10. Immortal Corruptor
11. The Price of Peace
12. Lust In Space
13. Bring Back The Bomb
14. Have You Seen Me?
15. Sick of You
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