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Originally Posted by OffbeatNixHex View Post
Honestly there should be a rule that people who actually attended the show get first dibs on starting the thread.
That shouldn't be a rule because there's no garuntee that someone on this board will be at a show in every city it's not possible. Plus, most members here aren't aware and don't memerize which shows everyone is going to. I say if you find a set put it up. If you go to a show and someone else already posted it it's not a big deal post it again with your own review of the show.

Plus in the case of Metallica they give live updates on what's being played at each show at and the full setlist is posted after the show is over so the access to their sets is much easier than a lot of other bands and that's why people who don't go to the shows post them right away.

Now back on topic this set is very good it's nice to see Fade To Black in there for the second show in a row I think. Maybe they're getting back to it being a regular again
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