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Clenching The Fists Of Dissent
Ten Ton Hammer
Beautiful Mourning
Aesthetics Of Hate
Descend The Shades Of Night
Seasons Wither
None But My Own
Bite The Bullet
A Farewell To Arms
In The Presence Of My Enemies
Days Turn Blue To Gray
Now I Lay Thee Down

There really is no debate for me as to what to open with. When I saw them on Mayhem last year they opened with Clenching and Imperium and they couldn't do much better than that to open the show. I was right up in front and the crowd was nuts for the whole show but these two songs got it going so fuckin good

With this set being 18 songs it's not out of the relm of possibility that if they were ever to do a headling tour for the Blackening in North America that something similar to this set couldn't happen. Though they're doing a full on headlining tour for the album here it's been to long now.
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