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Originally Posted by HackedUpForBBQ View Post
Four from And Justice..... and the title track wasn't one of them??? That's just blasphemy
No it isn't considering Justice has never been a set regular since that tour. If it was a regular I would understand the "blasphemy" argument but since it's not it doesn't really work.

The band has said in interviews that they don't do it a lot because it's too long and tiring to play it live. They even thought that 20 years ago when they were in their mid 20's I can only imagine how they feel about playing it now that their all well into their 40's.

Just don't get your hopes up of them playing a song that they have a 98 percent chance of not doing anyways. It'll just help you from being let down when it's not played.

For those saying how cool it is that they did Harvester, Straw and Fade in a row I just wanna say I was fortunate enough to see these three songs in a row my first time I saw them with GNR in the summer of 92. The only difference was Straw came before Harvester. The same songs just a different order and Creping Death was the opener played before Straw.

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