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Originally Posted by BootScraper View Post
whitechapel would be a good draw if they werent playing with trivium...not saying trivium is bad but most people who listen to whitechapel dont really listen to trivium...two completely different styles of metal. I thought it was funny though, whitechapel kept calling for a circle pit. They should know their fans well enough to know that hardcore kids are allergic to circle pits.
you make a very good point. i highly doubt a lot of Whitechapel fans went to this tour because they don't like Trivium. now if they were playing with bands like All Shall Perish, Suicide Silence, Emmure, or some deathcore bullshit they'd be there in a heartbeart.

lol about the circle pit. funny how Darkest Hour easily got really active circle pits, then Whitechapel comes on asks for one and get no response.
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