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Originally Posted by deathx88 View Post
wow sounds like an amazing show, glad your a kiss fan now.

gonna see them in a week, i hope they do everything you described, i might not even drink for this one
always drink for every one.....

and everyone.....

i saw kiss at mohegan sun in connecticut with buckcherry about two weeks ago... i couldn't recall the setlist as i wasn't a very big fan. i didn't know much of their stuff, but it was a hell of an experience. their stage presence was awesome, the confetti, shooting comet guitar, solos, gene's blood and flying through the air... it was all awesome. i have never seen a band get so into the showmanship. the only thing i also saw is that paul went across the arena on a zip line and played detroit rock city? from a stage that popped up in the middle of the audience. they were truly awesome and would definately see them again. so i am also a new kiss fan now!!

buckcherry was okay, though i am keeping in mind that they are pretty new as compared to 35 years of kiss' touring experience. they were a little too raunchy for my 12 year old's first concert, but whatever.... he's gotta grow up sometime.

the last thing to note was that on my way out, the president/ceo of sony music (mariah carey's ex-husband) was hanging out at the soundboard. he seemed like a nice guy though he is only like 5 feet tall.... okay, who cares...
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