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Jungle Rot are in my top 10 favorite bands. I'm not really sure why, considering they are not that original and all of their records sound pretty much the same, but for some reason it works perfectly and I prefer them to almost all the other bands of their genre. Jungle Rot also never play anywhere that isn't the midwest or Europe, so they were a must see in California. I didn't really care about any of the other bands there, I dont even love Deicide that much, so this will be a little lacking in detail for things that don't involve Jungle Rot.

We got to the venue right around when the doors opened, but that turned out to be two and a half hours before the show started. I immediately went to the Jungle Rot booth, bought some stuff (12$ shirts or two for 20, same with CDs) and talked with Eric, the drummer. I guess they don't really get much love outside of their hometown and other parts of the world, I was one of the only people who bought merch all night which was disappointing. None of the local bands had anything for sale, but Deicide had a booth with shirts for most of their albums, and what is possibly the most retarded shirt I have ever seen a respectable metal band sell, which had a picture of Glenn Benton looking like an asshole(like always) and the phrase "Fuck Yo Momma" in gothic lettering. I really hope they didnt sell any of those.

The venue itself, The Galaxy was really nice. There were multiple levels of fancy seating with a full restaurant and then a small pit area with a large stage and great lighting/sound. It was one of the better venues I have seen extreme metal bands in, and it was a little surprising due to the nature of the music.

I don't remember the name of the first band, but they were a decent female fronted viking/melodic black metal type band. Weren't that well liked by the crowd and there could not have been more than 15 people in the pit area. The second band was called Darkale, and there were sort of melodic/death/thrash/Skeletonwitch type music. There were good at what they did, but it's been done to death and it was difficult to really enjoy. I'm getting very sick of melodic thrash/death music, all the riffing sounds the same, they all have the same style of harsh vocals and it all gets extremely boring quickly. Would have been nice to see a more original sounding band. Plus, they were beer themed, which as a theme for a band is already fucking stupid, but is made even more stupid when there are multiple bands already doing it.

The third local opener did not play for some reason, so it was Jungle Rot's turn. They must have had 15 minutes of technical difficulties in the beginning, not really sure what the problem was but it took forever and they must have played the Fueled by Hate intro 3 or 4 times. The crowd also started to make jungle noises, which sounded surprisingly good, but got really annoying after 5 minutes. When they finally got on JR played the two songs off Warzone before taking a pause to chat with the crowd. Sadly the crowd really wasn't into them. From what I could gather I was the only one who knew all the lyrics and was thrashing about properly, with most of the crowd sitting down or just standing in the pit. Luckily no deathcore kids showed up, which was something I really feared due to the breakdown laden nature of JR songs. They played their entire set with almost no positive response from the crowd, and even occasional booing. I have no idea what she did, but about halfway through the show Dave(singer) started yelling at this chick on the rail. I couldn't hear any of what she said but Dave was relentless with "Fuck you bitch, shut the fuck up or leave" etc. between most songs (and sometimes in the middle of them). He did actually get the crowd unified to chant "shut the fuck up" at her after What Horrors Await, so at least they had some people who enjoyed them. Right before the fast part of Circle of Death, Dave ordered the crowd to "Take her out, shes an open target." I'm really curios as to what the person did to infuriate them so much, but I'm pissed that it got in the way of them having a good time. JR left the stage in a hurry and looked pretty angry about the whole thing. For their actual performance I would give them 10/10, the songs transferred amazing to a live environment, but I'm irritated by not being able to see them in a friendly environment.

Glenn Benton came out a few minutes before Deicide went on and informed the crowd that Jack Owen's father had died the night before, so he had to drop off the tour. No idea why they didnt try and get a last minute fill in, but they didn't so Deicide played with one guitarist, which made them significantly less impressive.Throughout the show I had been told by a few people that Steve-O (Jackass, not Impetigo) had shown up, but I figured they were either lying, or had mistaken him for someone else. Steve-O was indeed there. A few minutes after Glenn, Steve-O took the mic and gave some really corny anti-christian introduction for Deicide. He continued to dance around the stage for the time I was there, and I assume kept doing it for the whole night. After Dead By Dawn Glenn thanked Steve-O "and the gang" for coming out, so maybe the rest of the Jackass crew was there too. We decided to leave early, and didn't finish the Deicide set but I assume it was roughly the same as the ones from earlier this year. Glenn didn't say anything noteworthy or go on any rants, and they were down one guitarist so it was not that great of a show.

Jungle Rot was the highlight of the night, and even though they did not get a great reaction it was still an awesome show. Deicide might have been, I'm not sure, I was content with Jungle Rot.
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