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Originally Posted by Queensrychian View Post
Does Kiss know how to play any of their other 300 songs? Plaster Caster, Coming Home, anything from Crazy Nights, Asylum, Revenge? It is bad when I stole your love (which is one of their best songs ever) is the Wish Rock n Roll all Night would find its place in the garbage, How can you turn that 2 minute anthem into a ten minute ordeal? Play 3 more songs instead jackasses!
I agree. I'm going to catch them 11/17, but I would love them to drop a couple tunes (C'mon or Gotta Choose; R&RAN unfortunately will obviously never leave the line-up; At least Beth is history) and add Creatures Of The Night (KISS' most metal tune), Is That You (good cut from Unmasked), Heaven's On Fire, Tears Are Falling, Hide your Heart, Watchin You, or, yes, I was Made for Loving You (Hey I like that song, sue me).
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