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I went to Mayhem tour in 2008 and 2009. Mastodon played a lot of their heavy stuff, and since Dragonforce isn't that heavy, they didn't have much people watching them and a lot of people were laughing at them because of their cheesy music. When I was watching Bullet for my Valentine, I read the program the whole time, and so did a lot of other people. No one was into them, I was there only because I didn't want to miss any of Killswitch. I think they schedule not as heavy bands for the first main stage slot (i.e. dragonforce and bullet for my valentine) because usually at the same time they are playing, the headliner for the jager or hot topic stage is playing, so they know a lot of the people will be at the jager or hot topic stage (i.e. Machine Head, Cannibal Corpse, and Trivium). I changed my mind about Alice in Chains. I do think they would be a good choice, if they concentrated on heavier stuff like We Die Young, Man in the Box, Them Bones, Angry Chair, Grind, and Again. The problem with them playing their softer stuff (even though it is amazing music) is that people aren't there to see soft songs. They are there to see a metal show. If they can come up with a ten song setlist of heavy songs, they would be great.
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