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I posted this on another thread that was simular but i'll do it again. I've revised the set times though

Iron Maiden(Co-Headline 9:45-11:00)
Megadeth(Co-Headline 8:00-9:15)
Alice In Chains(6:30-7:30)
Faith No More(5:15-6:00)

I know Faith No More might be an odd choice but since the re-union had did so well in Europe it would be a good a way for them to get back in the spotlight in North America again.

My Second stage headliner would be Lamb Of God. There is no way they should play a mainstage at an amplitheater where the cowd can't move. You need to be able to mosh as kill each other when LOG is on stage.

Shadows Fall would headline the third stage. I don't feel like doing the rest of the lineup since half the bands they use to fill these festival shows aren't worth a shit to begin with if you ask me.
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