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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Alright, just got done listening to everything, I figured I'd give you my analysis.

As I expected, the guitar work is pretty fantastic, and the writing is really good. It's not really surprising since you've sent me a lot of the stuff in MIDI form as you've been working on it. A lot of the solos are pretty awesome, and the overall sound of everything sounds pretty good. I like the fact that you can actually hear the bass.
Naturally I'm not digging the vocals, and as I expected I think it sounds kind of odd juxtaposed against some of the music. But that's all my opinion.
A few sound qualms may just be due to my shitty computer speakers, so if any of this sounds totally out there, disregard it. I think the vocals have a tendency to really drown out the music in the background. When there's vocals, you can't really hear anything that's going on, and then when they go away it's like "Oh, there's the rest of the band". Also, I think the omnipresent keyboard chords and such have a habit of burying the rhythm guitars.
Overall, pretty fucking epic though. Even though it's not my thing I think it turned out pretty damn good. The lead guitar sound is pretty sexy.
Thanks for the compliments, and advice man. We're probably gonna go back in the studio to just kind of touch it up and possibly add an epic intro to I, Of The Storm, and I'll definitely keep in mind the things you said.
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