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Kiss -- Washington, D.C. -- October 13th, 2009

1. Deuce
2. Strutter
3. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
4. Hotter Than Hell (Gene blows fire)
5. Got To Choose
6. Modern Day Delilah ("We're playin' a lot of classics tonight, but not all classics are old")
7. C'mon And Love Me
8. She
- Tommy's Solo (he shoots down part of the lights)
9. Parasite
10. 100,000 Years / Eric's spinning drum riser solo / 100,000 Cont.
-Gene spits blood, flies above stage
11. I Love It Loud
- Paul's Stairway to Heaven bit
12. Black Diamond
13. Rock And Roll All Nite (confetti snowstorm, arena was freakin covered in the stuff)

14. Shout It Out Loud
15. Lick It Up
16. Cold Gin
17. Love Gun
18. Detroit Rock City

Absolutely stellar show. I've never been a Kiss fan (hell, I've always been a believer in the "Ki$$ is a brand, not a band" mentality) but my friends wanted me to go to this show and I do enjoy a few of their tunes so I decided to go. Well, I can now say that I am a Kiss fan and will definitely go see them again on their next tour.

Buckcherry started the show and they were the definition of radio cock rock. Complete bullshit. Talentless wankers. Not even worth mentioning further.

"You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest band in the world, KISS!" BOOM! Talk about making an entrance, I lost count of how many fireworks, flame jets, and sparks they used throughout the night. The band was tight and interacted with the audience a lot. My friend's dad is in the Kiss Army so he got us presale tickets and they were amazing seats. We were the first section on Tommy's side of the stage and second row. We were watching the whole thing sideways but Kiss's stage is pretty flat so there was nothing in the way and we had a fantastic view. Tommy was only a few feet away most of the night, and Paul took off during Love Gun from about 5 feet away. Gene only came over once but he was pissed when he saw the fucks in the row in front of us. they were all sitting down for the fuckin show! He came over and yelled at them to stand up, most did but 3 people just ignored him. He reiterated his command and the douches just sat there playing with their iPhones. He looked really hacked after that. Me and my friend's couldn't believe it, when Gene tells you to stand at his show you do it. Anyways, they may be getting up there in years but they were all very powerful performers, Gene played the role of the Demon very convincingly, Paul really made it feel like an intimate show with all of his chatting, and Tommy and Eric were col too.

Favorite moments:

-Tommy's "rocket" shooting guitar
-Eric's rotating drum kit
-The confetti canons
-Gene spitting blood and flying above the arena
-Love Gun, Shout It Out Loud, and Rock and Roll All Nite were the best songs of the night

Least favorite:

-The crowd SUCKED. The guy mentioned above didn't stand up or take his eyes away from his phone once (not even when stuff exploded, wtf?). Over half of the people in our section just sat in their seats the whole time. There was an old lady there (she looked at least 70) and she was rocking harder than anyone in the row in front of us.
-I just barely missed getting one of Paul's picks.
-Gene only came over to our side once the whole night.
-They dropped King of the Night Time World.

I highly recommend seeing this tour, tickets are expensive but they play for 2 hours and they have an unbeilievable stage show. They might love taking your money but they also like to give you a lot of bang for those bucks.
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