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Thank you, finally someone posts the setlist! I've wanted this since the tour started, since I'm seeing them on Saturday. I'm so upset now that I'm not seeing them tomorrow in Hartford, or Friday in NYC, now, though, since I'd love to get the headlining set. They'll probably get a fucked up set length on Saturday because of the other bands playing

Yay for:
-Serpent King & The Execution Protocol (my two favorite tracks. I hope they play atleast one of these Saturday if they don't have long enough time to fit both in)
-Hating Life (Best song off of The Toxic Touch)
-Boiling Blood! 3 Bloody Blasphemy tracks makes me a happy metalhead.
-Tour with Vader and Overkill!

Boo for:
-Villa Vampiria being the only track off of Ravenous. When I interviewed him, Henri said he'd like to try playing The Poison Apple again, so I was sort of hoping they'd play that.
-The absence of God Dethroned (or anything else from The Christhunt)
-Nothing from The Grand Grimoire
-The title track off Passiondale not being there. Easily my favorite track off the album.
-Probably not seeing the full set on Saturday
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