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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
That set is awful. They always put on a high energy show but I would feel cheated if I went and that's all I got. I understand them being proud of the ten year anniversary of the first album but I don't understand why they bombard people with a bunch of stuff from it in the set and the end result being other really good shit gets ignored. It doesn't make sense they've only got 4 albums and they're already turining themselves into a nostalgia act.

I'm still wondering why they've never done Gematria or AHIG live at all after all I thought they were touring in support of that album this past year and they don't even play the two best tracks off the album. Plus, no Disasterpeice or Vermillion I don't think these guys much care anymore about the band now they should just call it quits and Corey can just do Stone Sour from now on.
They actually played AHIG on the first date of the Mayhem tour last year, but that was it as far as I know. It's such a shame that the only songs they play from that album live are singles. And I have to agree about the guys in the band not caring any more, it really does seem to me that they don't really give a shit. And Corey can't scream for shit now anyway...
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