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Children of Bodom -- Tempe, AZ -- October 12th, 2009

Children of Bodom
Living Dead Beat
Hellhounds on My Trail
Silent Night, Bodom Night
Hate Me!
Follow The Reaper
Lake Bodom
Bodom After Midnight
Are You Dead Yet?
Angels Don't Kill
In Your Face
Every Time I Die
Hate Crew Deathroll

Austrian Death Machine
Terminator 2 Theme
I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle
Who is Your Daddy, and What Does He Do
I Am A Cybernetic Organism
Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies?
It's Simple, If It Jiggles It's Fat
It's Not A Tumor
Get to the Choppa

The Black Dahlia Murder
Everything Went Black
Black Valor
A Vulgar Picture
What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
Statutory Ape
Unhallowed/Funeral Thirst

(didn't know the opening song)
Crushed Beyond Dust
Upon Wings of Black
Beyond the Permafrost
Submit to the Suffering
Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
The Despoiler of Human Life
Within My Blood
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