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Is it me or is it sad that the band had 3 area appearances and they played exactly the same set list, of which by the way you could have seen the last 3 times they have played. Does Kiss know how to play any of their other 300 songs? Plaster Caster, Coming Home, anything from Crazy Nights, Asylum, Revenge? It is bad when I stole your love (which is one of their best songs ever) is the highlight of the night. Oh yeah, by the way if the new disc is so good why are you only featuring one song from it? I would love to hear ladies room again! Keep forking over your hard earned money to see the same show time and time again. Gene and Paul thank you.
By the way I really like KISS just tired of the same old shit. Wish Rock n Roll all Night would find its place in the garbage, How can you turn that 2 minute anthem into a ten minute ordeal? Play 3 more songs instead jackasses!
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