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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I always thought NEM should be replaced by Fade To Black in every set. But if they're really hell bent on doing something soft off the Black album in that spot then Unforgiven is the way to go and not the horribly overrated and over played NEM.

I wonder if the sing along part during Memory sounds as cool in America as it does on some of the live recordings i've heard of it in Europe? I really doubt it though.
The thing is, as awesome as Unforgiven and Fade to Black are, the lyrics in Nothing Else Matters are an anthem for Metallica shows, I mean the song was written as a big sing along for people to feel united. Fade to Black and Unforgiven wouldn't have the same effect live I don't think, Iv only seen Fade and I know the crowd reacted better to Nothing Else Matters.

As for Memory, Iv heard some cool American recordings of it, but lik 7 out of 10 were really strong, in Europe EVERY Memory sing along sounds huge, that iv heard anyway
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