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Originally Posted by insipidzombie View Post
am I the only one who needs to ask.... who the fuck are five finger death punch? which naturally beckons the question, how are they headlining over Shadows Fall?
Well if you're being serious here they're a metal band that's been around for only 3 or 4 years now and they just came out with a new album. Their first album "The Way Of The Fist" has sold a ton last I saw the figures were in the 375,000 range. Have you ever heard the song "The Bleeding"? that's them. Their new one just cam out last month maybe you've heard the first single "Hard To See" Sorry if that doesn't help at all

They're sound is classified as groove metal and they are a decent band but nowhere near what Shadows Fall is. I said before that this could've easily been a co-headlining tour between the two. If you add career totals Shadows Fall has sold more albums but right now 5 Finger is more popular with the radio play they get.
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