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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
Yea when I saw HOF w/ Opeth last year I made the decision (not that I'm an but Matt Pike has to be one of the ugliest dudes I've ever seen in my life no doubt but he is a def beast!!!
He may be ugly as sin, but:

a) it just makes him resemble Lemmy (an big idol of his) even more - besides the voice, that is...and
b) like Lemmy, I'll bet he STILL gets more ass than a toilet seat, and finally...
c) he is definitely a beast, and as Mankvill said, he makes Iommi (an even bigger idol of his) look like Yellowcard (nice one mang )

Nice gig report - wish I woulda been there. Looks like I'm only gonna get to see Converge and HoF with Keelhaul next week at the Grog Shop, instead of the 10/21 gig in Detroit (gotta watch my son that night), which includes everybody. Oh well. Converge is still pretty intense live, and any HoF is better than no HoF (and plus, they will hopefully have a longer set due to no Mastodon or Dethklok).


EDIT: lolz Tony, that pic is fucking awesome. Dat iz 1 ugily muthah fuckah mang
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