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Fuck it All is actually A Public Execution from the new cd. Not one of my favorites on the cd but really powerful live. I think they actually played it faster because I was going apeshit during that song and everyone was singing along.

Yeah apparently Ivan has a thing for blonde haired asian chicks with big fake tits too. He was running game a couple of times and I asked him if he was related to Hank Moody? Apparently the Californication reference went right over his head but Sue cracked up so he knew I was fukkin with him.

I asked Brian who they would want to open for them and he said definitely established acts. I threw out Chimaira and he said bands like them who have a few cds out and have earned their stripes. Probably a reference to how dickish FFDP had been acting. I mentioned American Head Charge and Dry Kill Logic and I think he said both of them broke up. That would suck if it's true.
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