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Gwar -- Minneapolis, MN -- October 12th, 2009

Gwar! Gwar! Gwar!!

couldn't wait for this show. i have seen the a bunch and they never get old. love their new cd and i was expecting a bunch of new songs which was very cool by me. the intro video was awesome similar to a "behind the music" that VH1 does on bands instead it was "Behind The Murder" and it told a little history of the band and how they are actually doing their 25th year anniversary tour! here is the setlist

1) Metal Metal Land
2) Saddam A Go Go
3) Lords and Masters
4) Apes Of Wrath
5) Tormentor
6) Where Is Zog?
7) Womb With A View
8) Let Us Slay
9) Maggots
10) Immortal Corrupter
11) Price of Peace
12) Lust In Space
13) Bring Back The Bomb
14) Have You Seen Me?
15) Sick of You

some celebs they brought with were only Obama and Michael Jackson. otherwise mostly space aliens that ended up dying and spraying us with different colored blood.

overall a GREAT show had a blast (in the face) and cant wait till the next time they come to my town!
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