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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
I reckon it'd be Anthrax for an hour opening, then Slayer and Megadeth hundred minutes each, then Metallica two hours. It may be wishful thinking, but I know that even though Metallica ar closing the show, its all about the big four, and every band should get a set close enough to a headlining show.. It'd be an all day show, but they'd have choice of whatever venue they want Id say cuz that tour would sell out no matter what.. you're hittin every metal demographic like..
Anthrax would get about 45 mins. Slayer and Megadeth would get around 75 mins each and Metallica would get 2 hours because they're Metallica and people will accept nothing less than that. That would be the set times if I were booking it. I like Anthrax more than Slayer but Slayer is way more popular right now and should get more time than them. A lot of Deth's and Slayers songs are shorter so if they just shut up and play without much chatter to the audience they can get through a bunch of songs in that time frame.
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