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I like 5 Finger myself but Otep, and especially Shadows Fall blow them away musically. I don't have a probelm musically with 5 Finger just how it seem they're treating their support bands. You need to treat the bands on your tour with respect because you never know what will happen in music. Some day their popularity will lessen and they might need a band to tour with and artists will refuse if they have a reputation for being assholes on the road. These bands need to stick together and Evan Moody shouldn't be acting like a dick and driving a wedge between 5 Finger and the other bands on the bill.

Also the whole squirting the audience with a water gun isn't that halarious or that original at all since Ozzy has been doing that live for ages. I've seen him throw buckets of water on the audience as well as using super soakers and hoses. Hardly a ground breaking idea from Moody. He may have done it while another band was playing but it's still just a variation on what Ozzy does.

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