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Cool review and nice pics! It really is ashame that Shadows Fall isn't headlining this tour. 5FDP may get more radio play but i'm not sure if they're really that much more popular than SF in the metal world at all. It could easily be a co-headline gig.

That's kinda shitty that 5 finger is treating the opening bands like that but I guess when there two main support bands produce better music than they do they might wanna do what ever they can to make themselves look better by cutting the other bands performances and adding more songs to your own set. Still very unprofessional most bands usually respect the artists they tour with more than that.

The Shadows Fall set is killer. Nice to see they've got My Demise in their now I don't think it was in the last set I saw from them on this tour. I'm surprised they didn't do Redemption since it's one of their better known songs. Otep's set is OK giving the little time they're giving her this tour but only one off the new one is a little weird. Rise,Rebel, Resist should be in the set that would rock hard live.
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